Furnace Replacement Services in Colorado Springs, CO 

Property owners in Colorado Springs know how harsh the winter is, and reliable heating services are invaluable. When their existing heater is no longer performing as expected, it’s time to replace the furnace with a new product, and HVAC service providers help owners find the best choice for the property. There are a few steps to take when choosing a furnace. These steps help the owner avoid costly systems, and the service provider recommends furnaces based on energy efficiency and lower heating costs.  

Calculate the Square the Correct Size

HVAC technicians calculate the square footage of the property to calculate the correct size of the furnace, and the square footage is multiplied by 40 to find the climate zone recommendation. The new furnace must provide the correct load to heat the entire property. If the heater isn’t the correct size for the property, it won’t produce adequate heat, and the property won’t stay at a comfortable temperature throughout winter. If your home needs a furnace replacement, contact a local service provider now.

Gas or Electric Heating Services 

The choice between gas and electric furnaces determines the cost of the unit, the price of operating it, and if the heater requires additional maintenance. Both systems are safe and efficient heating sources and keep a property at a comfortable temperature. However, gas heating requires a connection to either a propane tank or local gas utility lines, and the property owner might pay more for propane or natural gas. If the owner gets a gas furnace, HVAC professionals recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector for added safety. 

Replacing the Thermostat

Outdated thermostats require replacement to improve the way the furnace operates, and a new thermostat prevents short cycling. Short cycling causes higher energy costs and more wear and tear on the heater. Programmable thermostats are more convenient for most property owners and offer more control over the system, and the owner sets the thermostat to control when the furnace runs. With furnace replacement services in Colorado Springs, CO, owners get better heating and eliminate common heating system problems. 

Assessing the Existing Ductwork

HVAC professionals inspect the existing installation, including the ductwork, and if there is any damage or air leaks, the technicians repair the problems. New ductwork is necessary if the duct system is too damaged. The ductwork must be in great shape to give the owner better energy efficiency and keep the property warm, and air leaks allow heated air to flow underneath the property. 

Comparing the Price for Different Units

HVAC technicians offer a comprehensive estimate for all furnaces of interest, and the owner compares the estimates to find the best and most affordable heater. Service providers offer financing for customers who cannot pay the full price at the time of installation. The overall price or payments must be affordable for the owner, and the service providers work with customers to help them afford an efficient heater.  

Reviewing Maintenance Costs

The cost of maintenance services for a furnace depends on what tasks are required, and the product warranty has instructions that show how to maintain the heater. Some service providers offer maintenance contracts to help owners save money. When comparing the cost of each unit, the owner must add the maintenance costs to the total price to properly evaluate the available heating system options. 

Where to Get HVAC Services 

At Click Heating and Air, we offer comprehensive heating and cooling services for all property owners in our service area, and our company has an extensive history of satisfied customers. We complete new installations, repairs, inspections, and maintenance services. To find out more about professional furnace replacement services in Colorado Springs, CO, contact us for an appointment now.

A new furnace is necessary when the existing heater is not working and keeping the property at comfortable temperatures, and HVAC professionals offer helpful advice for a replacement product. An energy-efficient system cuts down on costs and makes heating the property affordable, and when approaching furnace replacement, owners compare the upfront costs and maintenance expenses. 

HVAC professionals offer a comprehensive estimate for all furnaces of interest. The estimates include the cost of the furnace, labor, and any supplies required for the installation, and the HVAC provider helps the owner find the best unit for the property. The owner reviews the features available with each heater. Zoned heating is a great feature for furnaces, and the owner controls where heated air flows throughout the property. To learn more about setting up furnace replacement, contact a local service provider now!