Furnace Repair Services in Colorado Springs, CO 

Winters can get cold in Colorado Springs. A furnace needs to be in top working condition to keep homeowners comfortable all winter long. In addition to the discomfort of being cold at home, when there is no heat, pipes can freeze and burst. Keeping a furnace running efficiently requires both maintenance and professional repairs from an experienced HVAC company. Keep reading to understand more about furnace repairs that may be necessary.

What Causes a Furnace to Fail?

A furnace is a complex appliance with many parts working together. When one component doesn’t work, the system can fail and need furnace repair. Homeowners should call for assistance if they hear any strange sounds coming from the furnace or if the thermostat is not working. Additionally, if the burner does not light, or if the pilot light won’t stay lit, the furnace needs repair. Problems with motors, sensors, fans, and igniters can cause the heating system to stop working.

If a furnace keeps turning off, the flame sensor might need to be replaced. A faulty vent can also cause a furnace to short cycle. In addition, dirt and dust can build up on the unit and block the flue pipe. In this case, hot gases might cause the furnace to shut off.

There are common signs that you might need furnace repair services in Colorado Springs, CO. Choose a reputable HVAC company to do these repairs and provide routine maintenance on a furnace. They should hold to industry standards and be well trained, certified, and licensed.

Strange Smells

A furnace may sometimes give off a slight smell of fuel. This can be normal, especially the first time a furnace is turned on in a season. However, if the odor does not dissipate quickly, or a homeowner smells a strong smell of fuel, a sudden odor, or any smell that doesn’t go away, there could be a gas leak or dust buildup inside the unit.

No Hot Air

If parts of a home do not stay warm, hot air may be leaking out through ductwork. If ice or frost stays on the roof, heat may be leaking out through the attic. Turning a thermostat up higher will not necessarily fix the problem. A professional needs to come out and inspect the ductwork to find where the problem may be.

Trouble Starting the Furnace

If a furnace does not turn on easily, there could be an underlying issue. If it takes multiple attempts to start a furnace, or if the furnace keeps restarting, there is possibly disconnected wiring, dead batteries, or a malfunctioning thermostat. This is when it is time for professional furnace repair services in Colorado Springs, CO.

Odd Noises

While it is true that all furnaces make some noises, strange, persistent, or jarring noises signal a major problem. Squealing noises can come from belt or fan issues. Banging and groaning noises can be caused by loose parts inside the unit. Rumbling sounds may be coming from a bad gas valve. Sometimes, an unbalanced blower wheel can cause a strange, thumping noise.

Bad Air Quality

Furnaces that are poorly maintained and dirty will circulate allergens such as pet dander, bacteria, pollen, and dust throughout a home. These allergens affect people with asthma or other respiratory problems. Replacing air filters, cleaning the unit and ductwork, and regular maintenance ensure clean air circulates through the house.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly. Every home needs to have a carbon monoxide detector that alarms homeowners when these gases are present. If this alarm goes off, turn off the furnace immediately and air out the home. This is a serious condition that needs professional assistance.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Furnace maintenance has many benefits. A clean, efficiently running machine will save money on utility bills. Routine maintenance will also give a furnace a longer lifespan, saving homeowners money in the long run. While maintenance does not guarantee a furnace won’t fail, it does reduce the chances of it breaking down. Not only are breakdowns annoying, but they can also be very expensive. Cleaning parts and making sure components are properly adjusted will help prevent those future breakdowns and keep the home warm all winter long.

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