Furnace Maintenance Services in Colorado Springs, CO 

A concern of Colorado residents is the loss of heat in their homes during the frigid winter months. Fortunately, trustworthy HVAC specialists are readily available to assist when the heat goes out. What many homeowners don’t realize is that annual furnace maintenance helps prevent unexpected malfunctions and the need for emergency repairs.

Scheduling this service is the best way to ensure that a home’s heating unit is fully functional and prepared to deliver warm air all winter long. Rather than deal with an unexpected malfunction and be exposed to unsafe temperatures while waiting for repairs, homeowners can go about their lives confident that their furnaces will run efficiently through the winter.

An Experienced Name in the HVAC Industry

For the past three years, Click Heating and Air have offered repair, installation, and furnace maintenance services in Colorado Springs, CO. Although the company is young, the owner has worked in the HVAC industry for over three decades and ensures that his entire team has the training and tools needed to perform each service accurately. Complete customer satisfaction is their number-one priority, and homeowners can depend on the team to remain working on-site until every last detail is operating efficiently. 

Maintenance Brings Peace of Mind

Whether your home’s furnace is decades old or brand new, scheduling professional furnace maintenance services in Colorado Springs, CO, will ensure that it continues to work efficiently. Annual maintenance dramatically reduces the chances of an unexpected malfunction during those long winter months area residents experience. Although some homeowners might think that a maintenance plan is an unnecessary expense, the cost of emergency repairs and being stuck in a frigid home waiting for an available technician is a financial and mental burden that anyone would rather avoid. 

Thorough Inspections Ensure Energy Efficiency

During a maintenance visit, a technician will clean out any accumulated dust and debris from inside the unit, lubricate the moving parts, change the air filter, check the response of the thermostat, test the temperature of the forced air, and run a complete diagnostic evaluation of the heating system. At this time, the technician will also look for any degradation of the components or miscommunication between the electronic components. If problems requiring extra labor or parts become apparent, the technician will alert the homeowner to receive their approval before completing the repairs.

Annual Service Keeps The Home Safe and Comfortable

Many benefits come from a maintenance visit. Homeowners will notice lower and more consistent energy bills from month to month. The furnace will also run less frequently because it can easily maintain a stable temperature without struggling to keep the home warm. Of course, client safety is the number-one concern of Click’s team. Their technicians will always ensure that the gas is vented out of the home properly with no possibility of carbon monoxide leaks.

Stopping a Prospective Issue in its Tracks

Another advantage of the service is that technicians are able to identify problems before they become major issues. Soot on a sensor, dried-out belts, deteriorated sealants, or a malfunctioning thermostat can all become significant issues at the worst possible times. Click’s team will immediately flag these concerns and set things right. If the technician discovers a more serious issue, they will discuss options ranging from repairs to the need for a new unit with the homeowner. 

All Good Things Come to an End

Sometimes a furnace reaches a point where maintenance can no longer keep it running efficiently. At this time, homeowners should contact Click Heating and Air to schedule an estimate for a new heating system. This free service will outline all of the factors involved in a new installation, including everything from the make and model of the furnace to the amount of labor involved in the installation.

Estimates Reveal The Best Options For a Home

To create the estimate, a team member will evaluate the size and heating needs of the house. They will also inspect the existing ductwork to determine if modifications will be necessary. The information gathered will help determine which furnace will work most efficiently and predict the amount of labor required. Once the HVAC experts present this figure to the homeowner, modifications to the estimate may be possible if it exceeds the customer’s budget.

Financial Assistance is Readily Available

New furnace installation is an expensive process regardless of how much work is involved. Fortunately, Click Heating and Air offer a low-interest financing option that is easy to apply for. Homeowners who receive approval will start an affordable monthly payment plan that will not drastically affect their credit rating.