AC Maintenance Services in Colorado Springs, CO 

Although an air conditioner should last fifteen to twenty years, its lifespan can reduce without proper maintenance. Homeowners must ensure they hire professionals for routine ac maintenance. With these services, an air conditioner is more likely to last longer and less likely to break down often. 

Why Is Air Conditioner Maintenance So Important?

Most homeowners do everything they can to keep their air conditioners working efficiently. While changing the filter and keeping their systems clean is something homeowners can handle themselves, some steps are best left to the professionals. 

Homeowners need to understand the benefits of ac maintenance, so they can prepare themselves to take action. Consider the following benefits for all air conditioning systems. 

  • One of the most significant benefits of ac maintenance services in Colorado Springs, CO is extended lifespan. These services protect the delicate equipment of an air conditioner and ensure every part is working efficiently and effectively. 
  • Another benefit of professional ac maintenance services in Colorado Springs, CO is a reduction in repair issues. When an air conditioner receives maintenance services regularly, technicians will find signs of damage before problems develop. Repairing minor issues prevents breakdowns and expensive repairs. 
  • Many homeowners do not realize the efficiency of their AC systems becomes compromised as a result of wear and tear. As a system grows older, it must work harder to cool a home. Regular maintenance helps prevent wear and tear damage so the air conditioner is not under strain while in operation. 
  • Homes stay much cooler and more comfortable when the air conditioner receives proper care. Without a maintenance appointment, a homeowner may never realize their system is facing difficulty in function. 
  • Homeowners will also experience greater peace of mind in knowing their air conditioner is working properly and will last its full lifespan potential without major breakdowns. The cost of maintenance is worth guarding these expensive machines. 

What Is Involved in a Maintenance Service?

A full checklist allows technicians to inspect every area of the system to ensure it is working precisely. The following are some of the steps involved in the process. These measures help technicians methodically approach air conditioning maintenance. 

  • The technician will clean the dirty coils of the air conditioner. Dirty coils make it impossible for the AC to absorb and remove heat. Cleaning the coils is an integral part of any maintenance program. 
  • Replacing the filter is also essential. This step is included as a part of all maintenance appointments. The technician will help homeowners understand what type and size of filter they need and how frequently they need changing.
  • The condensate drain gets flushed to assure there are no clogs present. When this drain line begins to clog, an overflow of water will begin to emerge. Clogged lines are one of the most common reasons for air conditioner failure. 
  • Technicians will also lubricate all moving parts. Without proper lubrication, these components are more likely to experience wear and tear. Lubrication helps reduce friction. 
  • During the maintenance appointment, technicians will also check the refrigerant level to ensure no leaks are surfacing. Refrigerant levels should never drop when an AC is functioning normally. If a loss of fluid occurs, it is most likely due to leaks. When the technician discovers leaks, they will fix them automatically.
  • Cleaning the system of any debris is essential for proper function. Debris can cause damage to the system and its moving parts. 
  • Technicians tighten all electrical connections to ensure they are not loose. Over time, electrical connections will begin to loosen and cause problems with function. Loose connections also cause damage to a system over time. As a part of these services, technicians will also tighten any bolts and screws that may have loosened.
  • The thermostat is also carefully checked for accurate function. The technician will work to calibrate the thermostat if testing reveals inaccuracy. 

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment Now

Ideally, air conditioning maintenance should occur annually. Most HVAC companies recommend homeowners seek maintenance appointments yearly, typically in the spring, before the system turns on for the first time. For older systems, maintenance is critical for preventing breakdowns that degrade the lifespan of AC units. 

With regular maintenance, homeowners can rest assured their systems are working efficiently and will provide cooling relief. Now is the time to schedule an appointment for a thorough maintenance check. 

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