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I've been in the HVAC industry for over 35 years and have always wanted to bring a price friendly, transparency to the HVAC Industry. I am a consumer like you, looking for the best deal and service I can find. So why not present this to my customers? 

Trane is among the best HVAC Products in the industry and will continue to serve your home as an excellent choice no matter what level of equipment you choose.   

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Some of our Great Reviews!


"Jim and his crew from Click Heating and Air were awesome! Jim was prompt with his responses and was very willing to answer our many questions.  We loved the upfront pricing options and Jim’s pricing layout and options were simple to understand"  Happy Customer! March 2019

Lee P. from Peregrine

Recommends your business

Click Heating and Air did a great job on an air conditioner and furnace install. Jim was very helpful ensuring I got the right system for the house at a reasonable price. Dave and Brian did the install quickly, effectively, and cleaned up after the job was completed. Highly recommend. 

Aug 2019

Ken T. from Lower   Black Forest 

Recommended your   business

Just had Jim (Owner)and David (installer) out this am and I couldn’t be happier! I made the   right decision. When Jim came out an explained everything about the process   an what to expect from Click I knew then I made the right choice. The   electricians listened to me and wanted to make sure I was 100% satisfied. They   are spot on! They knew my concerns an made sure I was totally happy with the   path they took to wire my unit. I am In a profession that allows me to meet   service industry professional and pick an choose who to do business with an if   you don’t choose Click Heating and Air, I honestly believe you will never know   quality of service and professionalism in its finest! Sept 2019


We Service all Makes and Models

We service all makes and models

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